CAPPA - Central Association of Physical Plant Administrators
An association of Central Physical Plant Administrators in institutions of higher education within the central United States of Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota and Texas and the Canadian Province of Manitoba. CAPPA's purpose is to develop and maintain high standards in the administration, maintenance, operation, planning, and development of physical plant facilities of institutions of higher learning, and to promote professional ideals and standards to better serve the objectives of higher education.

DFWAPPA - Dallas Fort Worth Education Facilities Association
An association that provides valuable training, innovative support, a communications network, shared information and accountability to continuously improve the educational institutions in the Dallas Fort Worth (Texas) area.

TAHFM - Texas Association of Healthcare Facility Management
An organization that provides an outlet for the interchange of ideas and experiences among healthcare facilities managers.

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TASA - Texas Association of School Administrators
An association that includes public school superintendents and administrators, education service center staff, college and university professors and students, and others interested in public education. The mission of TASA is to promote, provide, and develop leadership that champions education excellence.

TASB - Texas Association of School Boards
An association of Texas public school districts and education service center boards that promote education excellence for Texas schoolchildren through advocacy, visonary leadership, and high quality services to school districts.  
CEFPI - Council for Educational Facility Planners
A professional association whose sole mission is improving the places where children learn. CEFPI members (individuals, institutions and corporations) are actively involved in planning, designing, building, equipping and maintaining schools and colleges.