Client Testimonials

"Delta-T Digital Archiving Ltd presented us with a solution for our construction documents and drawings that we didn't know existed. With very little assistance, they were able to organize and archive more than 20,000 pages of documents and over 1,000 drawings for our Student Recreation Center. The end result was an easy-to-use, well-organized, searchable digital archive that can be accessed from any computer on our Facilities network. I am totally sold on this company and their product! Their employees are always eager to do whatever it takes to ensure that we are satisfied. "
Helen Bailey
Director of Facilities Planning

"Your product can give Owners, Contractors and Architects the freedom to store thousands of pages of information concerning the systems and products used in their new facilities on one CD. In addition, with the "search" function, information that would take hours to find manually, can be found in seconds without leaving your computer."
John F. Klein, AIA
Director of Production

"Delta-T Digital Archiving Ltd recently converted all our construction project documents for our Facilities Management building at the University of North Texas Health Science Center at Fort Worth, Texas to a digital format. The utilization of Adobe as their archive medium was an answer to a major problem at our institution ... now anyone may access and view all our files without any additional software expenditures. We are very satisfied with Delta-T's digital archiving and we plan to systematically convert all of our main building project documents to this format."
Robert E. Short, Jr. P.E.
Project Engineer

We recently had Delta-T Digital Archiving Ltd archive all of our prints for our high school. This school was originally built in 1961 and has undergone numerous expansion projects. Previously we had to dig through set after set of old plans to find anything. Now we can simply go to a computer and pull up any page of any project. We have the ability to zoom in to look at any specific area and print it out if necessary. This is going to be a great asset to our district."
Jim Knight
Director of Plant Operations