Our Services

New Project Archiving:
The ideal time to archive construction documents is immediately after the final documents are approved. At this time, the documents are all available - they have not "grown legs" and disappeared. We are able to work with contractors, architects, or directly with owners. Archiving a project during the construction process is also an option.

Plan Room Archiving:
Drawings and documents for existing facilities can be archived anytime. Some of our customers ask us archive their entire plan room on a single contract. Other customers ask us to archive their plan room in phases over a period of time. Our expertise allows us to properly organize and construct their digital plan room regardless of the method chosen.

Document Organization:
Construction documents are organized to a very detailed level according to construction document standards. Other documents are organized as requested. Plan room drawings are typically organized chronologically by facility.

Plan Room Organization:
Because of our experience in the construction industry, the contents of an entire plan room can be sorted, organized, and archived with very little or no assistance resulting in a tremendous time and cost savings for our customers.

In-House Care:
Once documents reach our facility, they remain at our facility until the archiving process is completed. Every step of document preparation, document archiving, and document restoration is performed in-house.

No Challenge Too Big:
We are able to archive drawings (B&W or Color) up to 40" wide and thousands of documents of varying sizes.