Our Solutions

Your Challenges:

You are concerned about your one-of-a-kind drawings being lost or destroyed.

Once Delta-T Digital Archiving Ltd archives your drawings, they can be reprinted, emailed, or viewed on a network, CD, or DVD. Your drawings never need to leave your plan room. A copy of your archived drawings is also stored offsite for added protection.

When a new construction project closes out, you receive boxes of documents and rolls of drawings. Within a year or two, many of the drawings and documents are missing.

When the final drawings and documents are approved, let Delta-T Digital Archiving Ltd create a digital archive. There will never be a concern about missing information.

When architects and contractors need copies of your drawings, you are left without copies. Sometimes, the drawings are never returned.

With drawings digitally archived by Delta-T Digital Archiving Ltd, you can email or print copies for your architects and contractors so your originals never leave your facility.

Maintenance personnel and contractors can't view drawings and documents at your job sites without the drawings and documents leaving your plan room.

By placing the drawings and documents on your network, anyone with the appropriate permission can view the drawings and documents. Alternatively, you can distribute copies of CDs / DVDs to those that need to see the archived data.

Your plan room is cluttered, you don't know where to find specific drawings. You're not even sure which drawings or how many drawings you have.

Delta-T Digital Archiving Ltd has the knowledge and experience to organize your entire plan room into an indexed, searchable digital archive with little or no assistance from you and your staff.

You can get drawings scanned, but each drawing is in a separate file, is not appropriately named, and is difficult to locate in a timely manner.

We combine all related drawings into a single file, indexing to a detailed level, and book marking each drawing with the appropriate names, making it fast and easy to locate the drawings you need.

Your old drawings are difficult to read.

Delta-T Digital Archiving Ltd takes the necessary time to produce quality images that are often better than the original. We will not simply scan drawings at an "automatic" setting if a better quality can be achieved.

If the need for litigation arises and you are concerned about paying costly legalfees for gathering information.

With drawings and documents archived by Delta-T Digital Archiving Ltd, all of the information is immediately available. The drawings and documents are indexed and searchable by keyword(s).

You are concerned about being able to view your documents if the archiving company ceases to exist.

Since Delta-T Digital Archiving Ltd uses a non-proprietary, platform-friendly format, you will always be able to view and update your archived data.

You are concerned about paying additional costs or fees after receiving your archived drawings and documents.

There are no additional fees. You own the archived project and may make copies, print drawings and documents, or place the archived data on your network.